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b_inspired course on play in italy

September 6, 2021 - September 13, 2021$1000



Join us in a paradise house in Sardinia, a magical island off the coast of Italy. I fell in love with the warm, clear blue waters, the infinity pool that parks right up onto the beach, the literal farm to table food, unlimited authentic prosciutto, and cheese, and SO MUCH MORE.

Come play with me  September 6th –  September 13th, 2021 and celebrate a week-long week of relaxation, re-connection, and a lot of fun.

  • Expertly crafted Yoga and Fitness Classes (during sunrise and sunset)
  • Intro to Meditations
  • A chef preparing all three daily meals
  • Room and board for 6 night stay at island beachside Villa, an infinity pool overlooking the clear blue ocean
  • Use of non-motorized water equipment
  • A boating day with the crew
  • Photographs and Memories that will last a lifetime
  • A spiritual recharge with nature at your side
  • Three delicious local meals a day freshly prepared from our chef
  • Wine and beer with meals
  • Connection to 25 amazing like-minded individuals on a journey of self-love
  • An opportunity to disconnect from the world and reconnect to your heart
  • b_inspired Level 1 Certification in Leadership
  • Every Self-Venture ends with a private, one week online follow up program that you can use to implement the tools you’ve learned into your real life.


Welcome to Villa La Belle Etoile’ – Luxuriously appointed and impeccably serviced, our unique rooms offer beach views over the beautiful mediterranean sea. Decorated in a traditional Sardinian style with rich drapes, sumptuous carpets and exquisite furnishings, these rooms evoke the rustic spirit of the island. The rooms each have their own ensuite bathrooms. In addition guests can enjoy exclusive HerbSardinia toiletries.

An island of shepherds, renegades, myrtle and wild boars: This is beautiful Sardegna. Flavors from soft pecorino Sardo and suckling pig to bitter honey and pungent Bottarga bear the imprints of Rome, Spain, and the Arab world. Granite and Mediterranean Macchia brush mark Sardinia’s landscape and gives life to the intriguingly under-discovered wines, including complex Vermentinos; spicy Cannonau and the unique sherry-style Vernaccia di Oristano.

Our b_inspired LIT Team Can’t Wait to Train, Hang, Love, Party, and Get to Know You!

Payment Plans Available

Private Room $4500

8 Payments of $500 after the deposit

Must be paid before start date, September 6, 2021

Single Bed, Shared Room $4000

8 Payments of $437.50 after deposit

Must be paid before start date, September 6, 2021


Shared King Bed, $3500 Per Person

8 Payments of $375 after deposit

This option is two people, each paying $3500 (room total is $7000) that are OK with sharing a king bed together

Must be paid before start date, Sept 6th, 2021

** For Additional Note: Please include your name, contact number and email.
** After making a payment, please fill in the “Application Form”
**Schedule subject to change.

Flight Suggestions

Here are flight suggestions from 2020 to give you a sense of different flight options! Check back soon for updated 2021 flight recs.

BOS to Rome

  • Departs 9/5, BOS at 5:45pm ⁠— arrives 9/6, Rome (FCO) at 10:30am
  • Departs 9/13, Rome (FCO) at 11:15am
  • Plus a roundtrip hopper from Rome (FCO) to Sardinia (CAG) such as this one.

SD to London

  • If you want a direct, no hassle flight out of SD ⁠— British Air offers direct flights into Heathrow Airport like the one linked above.
  • You would just need to find your way from London to Sardinia, as long as you arrive at CAG Airport on 9/6!

LAX to Rome 

  • Departs 9/5, LAX at 7:50pm ⁠— arrives 9/6, Rome (FCO) at 8:05pm
  • Departs 9/13, Rome (FCO) at 11:15am
  • Plus a roundtrip hopper from Rome (FCO) to Sardinia (CAG) such as this one.

LAX to Paris 

  • If you are looking for a nonstop option departing out of LAX, flying into Paris Airport (CDG) is a great option like the one linked above.
  • All you would need is hoppers to/from Sardinia (CAG) such as these hopper options: firstsecond.


Start: September 6, 2021
End: September 13, 2021
Cost: $1000


Venue Name: Italy
Address: Sardinia, Sardinia Italy


Organizer Name: Katie B Happyy
Phone: (908)303-2136