What Makes Us Different?

Build Strength :
with the world's best master trainers & Personalized Monthly Workout Calendar to the b_inspired team sends you a personalized workout calendar to follow so you don't have to think about what workout to choose each day

Monday - Bootylicious & Boobs (Pecs)
Tuesday - Upper Body & Journey to Handstands
Wednesday - 8 Pack to an 8 Pack
Thursday - Thruster Muscles Hips & Sides
Friday - Full Body Freaky
Saturday - Abs-olutely Cray Core
Sunday - Detox to Retox Flows

Balance Mindset: with monthly mindset mentality modules - proven methods to increase your mental health & daily journal entries

Break Throughs:  shedding limiting beliefs you have about your life & your ability

B_Inspired: to show up in your life like you were meant to be in it, confident, caring, compassionate, and fucking fun! Be held accountable by a group of likeminded badasses & monthly themes to help cultivate good habits and character traits


Monthly Workout CalendarProgrammed by Katie B.


Pancake butt no more. Katie B has hand crafted 8 special classes for you to round out your peachy arse. If her genetics can prove anything, is it's possible to go from pancake butt to a peachy bum.

8 Pack to 8 Pack

Dynamic ab strength takes time. Take it from Katie B, who never naturally had abs until she started working this style of 360 core training with weights. Cut the sugar and the excuses and let's go!

Journey to Handstand

Private lessons at the San Diego Circus center for years taught Katie B. the diligence and commitment it took to conditioning appropriately in both flexibility and strength. It takes time, but it can happen. LFG

Detox to Retox

Use this class pack to help cleanse and rinse your torso. Build mobility in your axial skeleton, helping to prevent low back injury and protect the longevity of your body and your overall vitality. It's also a hangover cure.

available on amazon may 11th

8 Ways to Bow to Your Inner Crazy

Get ready for the shockingly raw, wild, nama-cray stories of master yoga teacher Katie B. Happyy. Katie’s life is a wonderful hot mess—from her challenges with modern dating apps to the sudden facial paralysis that left her unable to smile.

With the kind of brutal honesty that’s usually reserved for top Netflix comediennes, Katie will have you snort laughing through the ups and downs of it all right along with her.

Read it for a laugh. Read it to feel lighter. Read it to remember the profound and fundamental truth that you are not alone.

With unique tools and techniques to magnify your confidence and infuse your life with financial abundance, spiritual freedom, relational success, and optimal health, NamaCray is for every broken badass searching for happiness and meaning.

Get ready to rekindle your self-worth, trust your next steps, and stand in your power of who you are NOW.


b_inspired proven method


  • Physical health through movement

  • Strength & Endurance

  • Mobility & Longevity


  • Mental health through self inquiry

  • In your relationships

  • Your mindstate


  • Old thought patterns by shedding limiting beliefs

  • Negative mentality

  • Into what’s possible for your future


What Makes Us Different?

Master Trainers: have taught over 10,000 live classes

Constant Content: pumping out dozens of new classes monthly, you'll never get bored.

Accountability: held accountable by a group of likeminded badasses & monthly themes to help cultivate good habits and character traits

Mental Balance: with monthly mindset mentality modules - proven methods to increase your mental health



“You have literally helped me get in the best shape of my life. I have leaned out a bit and toned my arms and sides more than I thought my body literally could and it’s been consistent the last month or so which means it’s permanent!! aaaaand just so many other things in my life have smoothed out I’m sooo at peace after an insane year, and this has been the structure and community I needed :)”
"What’s amazing about Katie is she is constantly sharing and giving herself to help others become better people.  With Katie, it’s not just a fitness journey, it’s an incredible journey enriching and challenging me both physically and mentally.  And Katie got me through quarantine right from the start.  When things were scary, unknown and crazy, Katie was there zooming dance parties, Bootcamp’s and Quarathon challenges.  I could have spiraled in worry, but instead Katie put a smile on my face, centered me and got me outside working out.  I am forever and deeply grateful for my lighthouses who inspire me daily!! My challenge is to be more like them in their love, light and giving of themselves for others."
I’m LOVING boot camp. I feel overwhelmed in the best way. This has been the perfect kick in my ass physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Thanks for creating such a holistic and beautiful program! I’m already excited to sign up for more boot camps. I signed up for this one on such a whim (didn’t know about it until thurs AM when I messaged you!) and it has been everything I needed & more. Going through a break up rn and this is SO healing.”
- KAT F.
You get another breath to figure out why you’re here and what you can give.

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