Meet Your team

Katie B. Who?

Motivation Master, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, Optimal Performance Trainer

KATIE B. HAPPYY has always taken inner transformation seriously. The fire in Katie B.’s spirit took a giant pause when she woke up in 2015 with Bell’s palsy and the right side of her face paralyzed. Katie B. used her paralysis to give up definitions of societal normal beauty and aims to create not just work outs, but work ins. Her memoir,
"Cheers to Chaos - 8 Tools for the Puffy Eyed and Powerful" hit Amazon Best Seller lists in the first week and continues to inspire thousands internationally. Read it for a laugh. Read it to feel lighter. Read it to remember the profound and fundamental truth that you are not alone. Katie B's story is featured in the Amazon Prime hit documentary "The Author" (click here to watch the inspiring story of how to live life to the fullest).

From her BA in international conflict resolution to her over 10,000 hours of master yoga/fitness certifications, her global company has changed thousands of lives. b inspired, LLC, & charity organization helps you rediscover your power.

Katie B is a life long self development fan. From life-changing Self-Venture
International Retreats to epic online Zoom classes on her b_inspired app, the b_inspired team helps you align up to your clarity in your calling. Katie B has hosted over 40 yoga teacher trainings, training thousands of people how to give their purpose & passion back to the world.  She works directly with fortune 500 & hospital corporations to help prevent burnout with their employees with her b_inspired curriculum of self development.

Katie has appeared on NBC and CBS, been featured in Shape magazine, and serves as an international lululemon model/ambassador. She has taught/spoken at many festivals, including Wanderlust; been a presenter at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, India; presented at StartUp Conferences nationally; and created her own bi-coastal “Sweat for Service” event where thousands of people give back to the families of fallen soldiers.

The tragic loss of her young, forty-three-year-old mom from breast cancer helped fuel Katie to create her
501(c)3, b_inspired, which helps people discover who they are after loss. She’s taken hundreds of cancer survivors on healing weekends to start fresh and redefine their power, and b_inspired 501(c)3 has raised over $100k to help fund orphanages in Ensenada, Mexico & Rishikesh, India. If you're feeling uninspired, you know where to go. Katie B will help you find your breath again, to live your life more fully and to b_inspired.

Kim VF, Master of Fun

D.O.G.G. - Director of Games and Gratitude,
Kim VF is your constant hype girl
You'll laugh with her every sweat

Sarah White, Master of Opportunities

M.O.O.- Master of Opportunities
The Coastal Yogi helps you find your best self,
Dynamic and Heartfelt Workouts

Jillian, Master of Mindfulness

Allstar Trainer and Badass Nurse
Meticulously amazing & effective workouts

Omaid, Master of the Mixes

His mixes make you wanna move
DJ Omaidic will leave your heart rate pumpin

Larissa, Master of Everything

Larissa is the heartbeat & backbone
She's what keeps us stylish & together <3

Jessica, Master of the Kitchen

Jess is the master chef, hilarious driver
and all around good time on most of our
Mexico trips

Jordan, Master of Beatwork

Every song (yaaas drake) is an
immersive experience
With funky flows and challenging sequences

Veronica, Master Creative

You can't help but smile your heart out with this
creative genius. From her photography to
her graphic design to her
creative flows.

Sarah F, Master of Movement

From forearm stands to handstands
Sarah F is bound to have you in
fun armbalances + inversions you didn't
know you could do.

KTB, Master of Sweat

From spin to marathons, power yoga to restore
KTB will keep your moving
with deep inspiration and experience.