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Cancer Survivors Retreat

3-Day Retreat to Mexico

Join a team of fun-loving leaders down to Ensenada, Mexico. Surrounded by 20-30 like-minded cancer survivors of all kinds (21 and over) look forward to expertly crafted yoga classes, intro to meditation, volunteer project at a local orphanage, wine tasting through Baja, self-growth workshops, freshly prepared Mexican cuisine and a spiritual reset with nature at your side.

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If you or someone you know needs a reset after treatment to rediscover what inspires you, apply here.

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Orphanage in Mexico

Casa Hogar de Pequenos Hermanos

For the last few years, the children have resided at an overcrowded orphanage nearby while they await the proper funds needed to "get up to code." This orphanage is a family, they never make the kids leave, and most (even after 18 years old ) choose to stay around and help raise the other 40 children. Help us raise the money to bring these kids back to their home safe and sound.

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Orphanage in India

Ramana's Garden Children's Home

Located on the banks of the Holy Ganges, our friends at Ramana's uphold the vision that every child, regardless of caste or creed, has the right to a home, proper nutrition, quality education and primary health care. Many children do not have these basic necessities. This sanctuary serves as a refuge, home, and school to more than 400 children in Rishikesh. Click here to learn more about their vision.

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Want to know more about the schools we help build in Nepal through Pradiya? Click here

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Sweat for Service SD

November 2024

Join us on the USS Midway for a high energy workout in honor of TMF and the gold star families who've lost someone in service for our freedoms. The entire event proceeds benefit the Travis Manion Foundation, who's creed is "If not me, then who?" Let's sweat for those who lost their lives in service for us.

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Check out what's up for sale at the b_inspired store. From "Something Amazing is Going to Happen Today" Gear to handmade bracelets from India that proceeds support the Children's homes.

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Kathy's Tube for The Cause

August 4th, 2024

My mom, Kathy Burke, passed of breast cancer at 43. To commemorate her we host Kathy’s Tube for the Cause down the Delaware River. It's one of our favorite Saturdays of the summer! Tubin’ for Boobies with an epic lunch party on an island in the middle of the river — all to raise money for cancer warriors!

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"I am so thankful. Thank you all for this gift. Katie, my heart is so full. You all are amazing. Loved every moment."

- Amparo Gonzalez, Cancer Warriors Retreat '19

"As a five year survivor of breast cancer, this was exactly
what I needed. Once I got through treatment and surgeries everyone just assumed my journey was over but I still had the emotional
aftermath to deal with. I was able to meet people
who knew exactly how I was feeling and I made
friends I will love and cherish for the rest
of my life! I cannot thank Katie enough for such an honest, raw, emotional, fun-filled experience!"

- Jill, Alumna 2016