Corporate Connection Strategies

Helping Your Company More Healthy, Happy, & Efficient

Taking corporate culture to the next level since 2013

At b_inspired, we help create healthy and engaged employees through monthly health and wellness challenges (virtually or in person).

The Issue: The Great Resignation

Since Sept 2021, researchers prove we're in The Great Resignation

Main Reasons People Leave:
- 40% burnout
- 20% not feeling valued
-19% insufficient benefits

The Old Way = "Pizza Friday"

Workers showed they want more from their employer than just pizza Fridays. For even less investment you can create a more connected, engaged, and motivated team.

Show your employees you are focused on their health and wellbeing. Your investment can be focused on making a more well rounded employee.

The Solution: Solve Burnout

b_inspired takes your guess work out of reconnection & solving burnout in a fun, effective way.

Whether you're in person or online or both, we create a 12 month strategy that works with YOUR budget and YOUR specific needs.


Our 12 Month Strategy

1. Specific Monthly Challenges

We focus your team on monthly challenges and goals for mental health including

-we decrease burnout via meditation and movement classes
-Stretch and Strength Challenges to increase vitality & overall energy

-Techniques to build work/life balance

See our Menu of Workshops Here

2. Monthly Zoom Mindset Modules

We show your employees their mental health is valued through monthly leadership and human development workshops

-Give purpose and passion clarity
-Help with healthy boundaries
-Eating to live rather living to eat
-Anti-anxiety workshops

3. "Watercooler Style" Team Connection

-Teambuilding games like Trivia to keep connection fun
-We incorporate ways to learn about co-workers in a virtual setting, on a more personal level
-All challenges give back to a 501(c)3 so it creates greater incentive and purpose for the employee to engage and complete


"Before I started the b_inspired program, I felt super unmotivated at my job and was feeling depressed about the lack of healthy structure in my days working from home.

But since training with the b_inspired app,
each day is more productive, I’m eating cleaner, and all this extra self love and motivation has rippled out into business relationships and productivity."

- b_inspired app user since '20