Advanced Teacher Training

b_inspired Advanced Teacher Training (YA200 Required)

It’s time to get serious with some life-changing knowledge.
This program is for those who already have their 200 Hour Certification and
are looking to add depth to their practice and become re-inspired as a yoga teacher.
7-weeks online group study
One big shift in your life perspective

Looking to Advance Your Teaching?

-Includes 7 weeks of online magic & personal mentorship

-7 live lectures + 10 pre-recorded workshops

-Access to on-demand video library (b_inspired platform)

-Led by Master Trainers Katie B Happyy, @thecoastalyogi - Sarah White, & Kim VF

-Full understanding of the business of yoga

-Live access to YogaGlo (with over 5000 classes)

-Intro to meditation lecture and how to apply to life

Ready to apply? <3

What's Included?

-Experience an unparalleled training online over 14 weeks, bi weekly live sessions

-Weekly online lectures, quizzes, and fun interactives

-Weekly deep investigation into chakra analysis and how it applies directly to your life

-Balancing your personal chakras

-Weekly deep dive into structural anatomy and how it applies to yoga

-Personal training for your asana yoga poses

-How to better understand your body as it applies to anatomy and healing your own body

Want to know more?

200 Hour Certification Required

7 Week Online Program | 4 Pillars each week

Advanced Asana Development
Energy & Subtle Body Exploration
Advanced Anatomy
Practical Application

-Understanding the root of lineage based practices and history of yoga

-Learn the base of Sanskrit and how to apply it to poses

-Access to a fun, like-minded community that becomes your family

-Learn about advanced assists and adjustments

Apply here, you will get a facetime interview if it's a good fit.

Online Live Lectures + Hundreds of Hours More

Not required to be on the lives if you can self study

Most of the videos are pre-recorded and the live lectures are new content

Online Lecture Dates
(TH @4:30PM PST)

Dec 7th

Dec 21st
Jan 11th
Jan 25th
Feb 8th
Feb 15th
Feb 22nd

$479 / TOTAL
(3 Monthly Payments)

Four Parts

Advanced Anatomy:

Takes the required 15 hours from Yoga Alliance anatomy to a whole new level. We’ll work into over 40 hours of anatomy so that you can feel fully present in your body, and know how to safely guide other shapes and sizes.

Why do the 26 bones in your feet relate directly to back pain? How can an acupressure point in your hand help calm stress? What exactly is happening when you squat low into chair pose and how you achieve stronger legs doing less work? Ujjayi what? Brachialradial-what? You’ll know, don’t worry.

Practical Application:

Brings the essentials of getting your hands dirty. You’ll spend an hour plus every week live with your trainers in a personalized class for your class, as well as observe and learn from the best teachers in the world from – and on Katie B's On-Demand App and The Coastal Yogi's On Demand Site!

As you transcribe cues that you love, discuss the ones that don’t work, and get all the WHY?’s out with your trainers, you’ll start to understand the inner workings of any yoga teachers sequencing and theming. How can you safely adjust a person with a shoulder injury? How do you teach a class to multilevels of students?

What does an outdoor class look like? What is the business behind becoming a teacher? Is teaching privates or public best for your style? (yeah, you’ll find out your style by the end)